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Employment Practices Guide:
The Employment Practices Guide is designed to give employers basic information on a variety of topics to assist them with designing and implementing their employment practices legally. The EPG emphasizes federal and state requirements for California employers, although employers in other states may also find the information useful.
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Sample of partial sections from the EPG:
                                                PROCEDURE FOR COMPLETING I-9’s
Steps to follow in the proper completion of I-9’s:
1. Use the new form (expires 06/30/09) issued by the Department of Homeland Security (named in the upper left hand corner). A “fillable” form in which you can pre-print the Company representative’s name, title and address (usually that of the company) is available on the web at However, this name must match that of the person who signs the form on behalf of the company.
2. Make sure that the form you are using includes the list of acceptable documents (either on the back or as a separate page stapled to the form).
3. Ask the employee to fill out Section 1 completely. Make sure that the employee indicates whether he/she is a U.S. Citizen, a permanent resident alien, or an alien with a temporary work authorization. For the last two, the employee needs to write in his/her “A” number and, if it is a temporary work authorization, any applicable expiration date. Section 1 must be completed on or before the hire date. 
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                                               COMMON ERRORS IN COMPLETING THE I-9
     -This is the most common error because an employee will often provide both a resident alien card and a social security card. Even if an employee gives you more documentation than necessary for completion of the I-9 you, nonetheless, can only list either one document from List A or one document from List B and one from List C.
Making corrections “Incorrectly”
     -DO NOT USE “WHITE-OUT”. The Form I-9 is a legal document. If changes need to be made the incorrect information should be crossed out and the appropriate information should be written in. Any changes should (ideally) be made by the individual who originally completed that section of the form. The only time a change should be made by someone else is if the employee needs assistance to make a change in Section 1 or if the company representative who completed Section 2 is no longer employed by the company. 

     -If changes are made, either additions or corrections, these should be initialed and dated by the person making the correction. If a change is necessary in Section 1, the employee should make the change or, if he/she needs assistance, the Preparer/Translator should make the change, but the employee should also initial and date it to show that he/she was aware that a change had been made. 

     -If there are substantial changes to be made to the I-9 or there is any change that requires reviewing documents again, a new I-9 form should be completed and the previous I-9 should be attached to it. 

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